Puerto Rico All-Inclusive

You will need to go to no other island than Puerto Rico, because everything that is in the islands you can find here. Every night you will here a symphony of frogs that sing to you as you sip your favorite cocktail, or just enjoy a wonderful seafood native dish. You do not even have to have a passport if you are a U.S citizen. The all- inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico include breakfast and activities. CopaMarina in Guanica is the only true all-inclusive resort that includes meals and drinks in Puerto Rico. The El Conquistador Resort/Waldorf Astoria is an inclusive resort with free breakfast, but all other meals and drinks do have to be paid for, but the price is reasonable for the room. Another great resort is the El San Juan Resort and Casino.

CopaMarina in Guanica is the only true all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico. It is located in the southwest of the island not too far from Ponce. It is an absolutely beautiful and peaceful resort to enjoy your holiday vacation. The resort offers deluxe accommodations with free wi-fi, and gourmet coffee in the room. High quality cuisine is included in the price of the room as well as drinks and snacks. There is plenty to experience like water sports or the dry forest. The CopaMarina is a tropical paradise on the Caribbean sea waiting for you to come rejuvenate.

The El Conquistador Resort Waldorf Astoria is an excellent choice for an almost all-inclusive resort. You do get free breakfast if you choose when you book your room. This resort is an amazing experience, because not only are the balconies beautiful and the views amazing and spectacular, you also get the use of two resorts in one. The high end modern design will surely impress you, as well as the many activities there are for you to do. From the pool to the beach, to horseback riding, to a water park you will be exhausted by the end of the night from enjoying yourself. Overlooking the El Yunque Forest the El Conquistador Resort is an excellent choice and don’t worry you will have plenty to eat at over ten fabulous eating spots in the resort.

Another great breakfast included resort in Puerto Rico is the El San Juan Resort and Casino. San Juan itself is absolutely beautiful, with the air the sky, and the water, and when you can see all of this from your plush room there is not too much more you’ll need. There is plenty more though that the resort has to offer. The modern design, gorgeous pool, and amazing bars and restaurants inside and outside make this a great place to feel a step above. This is a Hilton Hotel and gives the excellent Hilton service. The El San Juan Resort and Casino is a favorite tourist destination.

Puerto Rico is a fabulous island to vacation on. In the same zone as St. Thomas, you get the same beautiful water at a better price. The entire island is full of surprises, but if you want to just stay at a resort The Copamarina in Guanica, The El Conquistador, or the El San Juan Resort and Casino are great places to bring your bathing suits, smiles, and relaxation mode and enjoy a wonderful vacation holiday in the Carribbean. Prices are $150 to $300 a night.

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