National Beef Lovers Day

Although sugars can power your body for short bursts of time, nothing can really replace the protein found in red meat. On Beef Lover’s Day, we celebrate the flavor and nutritional value of beef in the best way possible: by eating it.

Cattle are large herbivores that can provide nourishment for entire families if you can catch them. The beef was eaten by humans since prehistory, but such an event was quite rare. During that time, you could only gain access to beef if you could hunt cattle, or scavenge someone’s kill. However, we discovered a process through which we could grow wild plants and animals, and bend them to our will: domestication. Suddenly, cattle, sheep, and grains were a regular part of the human diet. Domestication began to change cows, making them fatter, larger, and able to produce more milk.

With the advent of modern technology, food production has skyrocketed to astonishing new heights. Currently, the United States is one of the biggest beef consumers in the world. The latest evaluations suggest that there are 89.9 million cows in the U.S. With a population of 29.7 million beef cows, it is obvious that Americans love their quarter pounders. National Beef Lover’s Day gives you an opportunity to celebrate your affinity for red meat.

Beef lover’s day does not have specific rules or requirements. Those who wish to enjoy its festivities need only need to consume beef. Similar to American culture itself, American cuisine is a melting pot of influences. Many domestic and foreign recipes contain hefty portions of quality red meat. From Middle Eastern-inspired fajitas to briskets, sirloin, and steaks, there is no lack of variety when it comes to beef dishes.

It is no secret that fast food has taken over the globe. Although fast food items offer plenty of variety, hamburgers have enjoyed the largest popularity. Their name may suggest that hamburgers are made from pork, but that is not true. These food items are named after the region of Hamburg, and they traditionally contain beef. If you cannot afford to prepare something for beef lover’s day, you could always order an excellent burger. Many national and international fast-food chains can accommodate your wishes. Should the weather permit such an action, you can also dust off the old barbecue and make your own hamburgers.

Americans adore steaks, and most states have their own way of cooking thick, juicy slices of beef. Any red meat lover owes it to himself to cook up a delicious, mouth-watering, enticing steak.

The largest meatpacking companies in the US are represented by Tyson, JBS, Cargill and National Beef. The meat is later taken to countless restaurants and venues, where it is prepared and served year-round. On National Beef Lover’s Day, hard-working farmers, factory workers, retailers and distributors will contribute to your enjoyment.

Beef is an excellent source of protein and nourishment and a very tasty meat overall. Enjoyed in moderation, its flavor can enhance your dining experience, and improve any dish.

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