Fun Facts about Halloween Candy

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While adults are entitled and often enjoy Halloween as much as children, the fact remains that your favorite memories of Halloween will always be assigned to when you were young. Why? What other day of the year can you go door-to-door receiving bags of free candy?

On this Halloween consider these fun facts about Halloween candy you may have not realized before…

1. Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy each year

You knew it was a lot but did you know that it was 600 million pounds worth? That’s a ton of Skittles. Interesting enough, Americans also vary on their favorite type of Halloween candy depending on state. According to a 2015 study, LifeSavers were the most bought treat in California while Laffy Taffy was popular in South Dakota and Sweet Tarts in New York. Regardless, kids will always be infatuated with chocolate as it was still by far their favorite treat among those polled.

2. Halloween candy is expensive

It may not seem like it, but Halloween candy is expensive. According to a consumer report, Americans spend an average of $2.1 billion on Halloween candy each year (about $47 per American). Meanwhile, Americans only spend slightly more ($2.6 billion to be exact) collectively on costumes.

3. One Bag of Candy = 11,000 Calories

According to the same study, the average bag of candy that one child will collect on Halloween will contain 11,000 calories. That’s a lot of calories. But so long as it’s not all consumed that night, or the week thereafter, Halloween is nothing short of harmless fun!



4. Candy Corn is the most popular Halloween candy

Sure, kids may want chocolate more than anything yet the number one candy purchased during Halloween across America is easily Candy Corn. Americans buy over 20 million pounds of it each year, before it is shelved and waits another 12 months to be sold again.



5. Tootsie Rolls were WWII rations

As a parent it may seem impossible to teach kids any type of history lesson when it comes to candy but here is one – Tootsie Rolls were handed out to soldiers during World War II as rations. The candy is famous for remaining fresh in all weather conditions, and thus served as a tasty treat for all the brave men during that terrible war.


6. Candy altogether has a long shelf life

You may not want to make candy a part of your child’s daily diet however it is noteworthy that candy takes years to expire. Dark and milk chocolate lasts up to two years, while most candy can go up to nine months. If you don’t want your children eating it all at once – put it away in the freezer.

7. Pre-packaged candy is still a modern luxury

You may consider it a chore to go to the grocery store and have amble candy for trick or treaters, but consider this – until about 130 years ago ready-made candies were not even in existence. Consequently, neighbors would spend hours making homemade fudge and caramel to hand out to children.

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