Holidays are a time to kick back and relax.

Below are some of the most popular holidays celebrated in the United States as well as a collection of others observed in the US.

Martyrs’ of Colonial Repression Day

Martyrs’ of Colonial Repression Day 4 January 1961 marked a major milestone in the national liberation struggle by the native people of Angola against the Portuguese colonial troops whose regime lasted for five hundred years (1482-1975). It all started in October 1960 when the laborers refused to accept the cotton …

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Buddha Day – Bangladesh

Background Buddha Day is actually the celebration of the birthday and the death of Buddha. Buddhists say that Buddha agreed to be reborn after the Gods asked him to do so in order for him to wander the earth and try to save the humans. Buddha agreed and was born …

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Ramadan In Bahrain

Background The month of the Ramadan is considered a significant and important month for the global Muslim community as it is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During this month, which normally runs for up to 23 or 30 days, Muslims commemorate the time when Quran was …

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Independence Day In Armenia

Independence Day In Armenia History Armenians remember the 21st day of September in the year 1991 as this was the day Armenia regained its freedom from Soviet rule. It was indeed a great reason to celebrate because this was the day the nation told the whole world that they can …

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First Republic Day in Armenia

First Republic Day in Armenia Background On May 28th in 1918 the Armenian National Council declared Armenia an independent nation and declared itself Armenia’s temporary government, marking the start of First Republic Day in Armenia.   After becoming independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1915, Armenia fell to the Russians. …

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Victory and Peace Day

About Armenia Armenia is a small republic in Western Asia. It borders Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran and its capital city is Yerevan which is home to around 1.1 million people. It has one of the longest and richest histories of any country because it is situated on the Great …

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Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day is a national holiday in Armenia held annually on April 24th to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide which occurred in 1915. The Armenian Genocide is said to have started on the 24th of April 1915 when the Ottoman Empire rounded …

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Good Friday in Armenia

Good Friday In Armenia Background Good Friday is the day that Christians, not just in Armenia, but around the world commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the cross at Golgotha, just outside of Jerusalem. According to the Holy Bible after being dead for three days in a tomb sealed …

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