St. David’s Day

St. David’s Day

This holiday celebrates St. David, a Welsh patron saint. Celebrated on March 1st in remembrance of his death, it is also a commemoration of Welsh culture.

Not much is known about St. David’s life. As the patron saint of Wales, he was a renowned 5th-century teacher throughout the Celtic areas. He established a monastery community, The Vale of Roses, at Glyn Rhosyn, where the St. David’s Cathedral is now.

The festival of St. David has been celebrated for hundreds of years, even as the Welsh dispersed throughout the world, though it is not an official holiday anywhere. However, Welsh communities celebrate with feasts, concerts, church services, parades and parties. The most distinctive traditions include wearing daffodils and leeks along with flying the Welsh flag.

The largest St. David’s Day parade is hosted by Cardiff, which the British monarch or the Prince of Wales typically attend. The Welsh food festival is also hosted along with concerts after the parade and feast. Even small towns often hold parades. Other large celebrations include the St. David’s Week festival in Swansea, another weeklong celebration at Disneyland Paris, and the Los Angeles St. David’s Day Festival. The celebrations may include military themed drumming.

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