Technology For Mental Health

Technology has improved our lives in many ways. We see it in just about every home in a variety of different forms. When it comes to mental health we have seen technology treat conditions such as depression with the use of TMS therapy which uses magnetic impulses to stimulate nerve activity in the brain.

Technology can be used for anxiety too, but most people don’t consider using technology as a way of treating their anxiety.

Video Based Therapy

Access to therapy is now easier than ever. Using remote technology such as zoom or other secure web video services, therapists can now be contacted over the internet and provide therapy for their clients from the comfort of their homes.

Tech like this allows for people to receive treatment and not be limited by their proximity to a therapist. This can be helpful in the treatment of conditions such as agoraphobia which is an anxiety disorder in which an individual has a strong fear of being in places or situations where escape might be difficult. Video-based therapy may also be helpful with other conditions that limit one’s ability to travel.

Recently the use of virtual reality has also contributed to the advancements in mental health.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual reality can be used to create simulations that help someone with phobias or PTSD deal with their fears without actually putting themselves in the situation giving them anxiety. This type of treatment is known as exposure therapy, which is an effective treatment for this kind of anxiety disorder. By exposing these individuals to their fears repeatedly and in a safe setting, they can learn how to cope and overcome their problems.

Tech-Enabled Rings For Anxiety and Better Sleep

Another advancement is rings that vibrate when one is experiencing anxiety or panic attacks. These tech-enabled rings alert you when your heart rate goes up which may indicate an oncoming attack. The purpose is to help the wearer get through the panic attack and relax which helps reduce anxiety in the future.

Tech-enabled rings can be a great resource for people who live with anxiety every day, helping them deal with their issues without having to take medications that may have side effects.

One example of this promising technology is the Oura ring. It is paired with an app that collects data about one’s sleep, heart rate, breathing patterns, and other information during the day. The ring then analyzes that data and provides feedback to help the wearer minimize their anxiety and get better sleep.

Technology can be a great way to help ease the lives of people who live with anxiety every day, providing them with more control over their mental health.

Technology For Mental Health
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