Labor Day Parades In The United States

Labor Day Parades In The United States

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September annually in the United States. It is the symbolic end of summer and many families come out for one last weekend of barbecues and summertime fun. In many cities, both big and small, the day is celebrated by hosting parades, festivals, and carnivals throughout the whole weekend and ending the festivities on Labor Day itself.

West Indian Carnival
Crown Heights’ Labor Day Parade also called the West Indian Carnival is held annually on Labor Day in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It was first held in the 1920’s and has continued to be celebrated ever since. The parade was established to celebrate Labor Day but also to acknowledge West Indian culture and heritage. The parade attracts over a million participants. The festivities are held along the Eastern Parkway route and participants dress festively to pay homage to West Indian culture. They also decorate floats and have contests to determine who had the best costumes and floats.
The festivities start the Thursday before Labor Day and are celebrated all the way through Labor Day when the parade takes place. The cuisine available during the day will be heavily influenced by Caribbean flavors.

Garland Labor Day Parade
Garland, Texas is one of the larger cities that make up the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. It is also the home of an annual Labor Day Parade. For the past 70 years, Garland has hosted their own Labor Day Parade. The parade starts Labor Day morning at 9 am sharp. Local venders from the area are encouraged to participate in the festivities and the route for the parade is a very straightforward path that allows for maximum viewing.
Aside from the traditional rules of not jumping on and off floats and not throwing things, the Garland Labor Day Parade issues American flags to all floats that must be on display at all times during the duration of the parade. These flags are there to represent what the parade is celebrating. The Garland Labor Day Parade provides an eventful parade that anyone can enjoy whether they are coming from the city or from the rural area that surrounds the DFW area.

Naperville Jaycees Last Fling Labor Day Parade
At 10 am on Labor Day the city of Naperville kick starts their Labor Day Parade. The parade is hosted by the Naperville Jaycees, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving their community. They hold their Last Fling event during the weekend of Labor Day and conclude their festivities by putting on a parade for the residents of the city on Labor Day. The parade will follow the same route starting at the Naperville North High School and will end at the Naperville Central High School. The weekend leading up to the parade will see many popular live bands play and provide entertainment for the whole family.
Labor Day Parades can be found almost anywhere in the United States. The only differences are the Parades themselves which vary in their attractions but not in their ability to entertain.

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